Top Makeup Trends for Brides in 2019

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Top Makeup Trends for Brides in 2019

To look the best at her wedding is a dream of every bride. The brides of today want to look vibrant and be the showstopper on the wedding day. Here are some of the top makeup trends for brides in 2019 according to the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata.

1. No makeup look

For the past few years, the trend was minimal makeup or no makeup look and this year is also following the same trend. There is a reflection of confidence and freshness in this look. To make your skin glow naturally and ensure minimum makeup, you need to take extra care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturizing it well.

2. Natural looking contouring

Hence simplicity and neutral colours are in demand in 2019, a subtly contoured face is preferable. Contouring has turned to a light, vibrant addition to your facial makeup with the purpose of emphasizing the natural lines of the face. This helps in master sculpting the cheekbones and facial features in an effortless and natural way.

3. A bold contrast

The bold brides fond of contrasts prefer this look. The hairstyle and eye makeup are the two primary elements of it. The eyeliners used for eye makeup can be of various colours. This gives an edgy look.

4. Subtly water lined and eye lined eyes

The trend this year is of thin, sharp water lined eyes. The bridal look can be a breathtaking one with this. There is a bolder look in eye lining than water lining. You can go for an unfinished eye lining if you prefer to break the edginess a bit. You can add white eye shadow, shimmery or matte in nature, to the inner corners of our eyes for extra glamour.

5. The touch of blue

Many ladies find it difficult to resist the charm of blue when it comes to the colour of eye makeup. The blue eye makeup is in limelight this season with its mystery and profound elegance, which is surely exciting news for all the blue lovers. The top 10 bridal makeup artists in Kolkata properly use the right balance between light and dark shades to make the bride look her best.

6.More natural looking brows

A significant beauty trend that has been gradually increasing comprises the more natural looking and even brushed up brows. There is variation in the different applications of the trend with its degree of boldness. Unless you are used to the look, don’t go for the look with extra textured brows as a bride.