How to Remove Dark Spots from Arms and Legs

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How to Remove Dark Spots from Arms and Legs

When it comes to face, we intend to take all the care in the world but end up ignoring our arms and legs. It is common to develop dark spots on these areas of the body and there are multiple reasons behind it. It could be due to tan, waxing scars, rashes, razor marks or some other skin condition. In case of a severe condition, it is advised to undergo beauty treatments for ladies in Kolkata. But for others, there are a few home remedies that you can try:

  • Konjac sponge:

    These exfoliating sponges are gaining popularity for being super gentle. You might think your scrubbing brush or loofah is doing the work fine but they are not as gentle as konjac sponges. Hence they do not damage your skin in any way. Often, dry skin cells build up on the skin which gradually leads to dark spots. Regular scrubbing will surely produce good results after a month or so.

  • Oatmeal and Coconut Oil Scrub:

    Experts at beauty clinics in North Kolkata suggest incorporating more natural ingredients into your everyday skincare routine. Oatmeal is the first choice if you want to prepare a natural scrub that will remove dead cells and turn the skin smooth and soft. On other hands, coconut oil is known for moisturizing the skin and removing all marks of dullness.

  • Sugar and Lemon Juice Scrub:

    Lemon is known to be a good source of vitamin C which works like magic when it comes to removing dark spots. You could apply it on the skin either directly, or after diluting it a bit if your skin is super sensitive. The sugar in the scrub is used for exfoliating purposes and also improves the effects of lemon juice.

  • Olive oil and honey massage:

    If you happen to visit the best beauty clinic in Kolkata, they will advise you to massage your face with a mixture of olive oil and honey regularly. It will work wonders on your dark spots if they are due to dry and wrinkled skin. Mix the two in 1:2 ratio and massage it carefully on the spots every day before a shower. This will surely lighten the dark spots and make the skin softer.

  • Aloe Vera Gel:

    Aloe Vera gel is at the top of everybody’s skincare routine due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It has a very cool effect and hence it soothes the skin nicely.