10 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage in Winter

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10 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage in Winter

All of us are aware of how extreme weather can add on to our various hair problems. It is a misconception that hair needs to be protected only from the scorching summer heat and not in the winters. The truth is, if neglected, our hair problems could get worse when subjected to the cold and dry winter weather. The following are 10 of the most effective ways to care for our hair when the temperature goes down.

  1. Avoid a flaky scalp:

    The dryness of winter affects our scalp the most. It is quite obvious that lack of moisture in the air tends to turn our scalp all dry and flaky, which leads to itchiness. The easiest way to prevent this is by oiling your hair with warm coconut oil, at least thrice a week.

  2. Reduce the use of heat-treatment for styling:

    It is true that straightened sleek or perfectly curled hair looks great at any event. To achieve that, we often subject our hair to a lot of heat, overlooking the damage that it causes to our mane. Excessive heat and dryness leave split-ends and may cause hair-breakage. It’s better to ditch the usual hairstyles and visit any one of the top 10 hair stylist in North Kolkata.

  3. Go for weekly hair treatments:

    Hair-spa is a must, especially in winters, to prevent our hair from turning frizzy, and to keep them hydrated. If you are from Kolkata, you can take out some time and visit any hair-spa in Shyambazar.

  4. Use silk or satin cloth under your winter hat:

    It is necessary to be aware of how different fabrics treat our hair. Cotton, wool or any other such coarse fabric can damage our hair and cause breakage. If you consult one of the best hair stylists in Shyambazar, they will advise you to use a silk or satin scarf instead.

  5. Condition your hair properly:

    Our hair tends to lose moisture in winter. To avoid this, always try to incorporate conditioning packs and hair oils in your hair care routine.

  6. Dry your hair the right way:

    While we put in a lot of effort in conditioning and washing our hair, we neglect the way in which we dry it after a wash. Instead of using a rough towel, try switching to a blow dryer.

  7. Add olive oil to your hair care routine:

    Olive oil is known for its vast beneficial properties. Try to massage your hair with warm olive oil to allow proper blood circulation.

  8. Avoid frequent hair-wash:

    Try to wash your hair once in every 2-3 days. Frequent use of shampoo may reduce the natural luster of the hair.

  9. Avoid washing your hair with hot water:

    Washing hair with hot water tends to strip them of all the protective oils. This, in turn, makes our hair dry and brittle. Hence, use lukewarm water while washing your hair.

    10. Get your hair-trimmed regularly:

          This is probably one of the most common and important ways of getting rid of split-ends.