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Why Choose Rica While Waxing

Summers are here and so is the season of LBDs, crop tops and bikinis. But you can’t rock these ensembles till your legs and hands are waxed. Waxing isn’t for everyone as the pain and at times allergy makes women opt for shaving. However, Rica wax is something every lady would want to commit to. Here is guide that helps you make this choice at North Kolkata’s best salon.

  • Rica was made with a simple goal – to create a new wax with a cosmetic formula that is natural, gentle and nourishing to the skin. Comprising of specifically chosen vegetable oils it is developed without any petroleum based products. The mix nourishes and moisturises the skin after depilation, so the superior gripping strength is gentle on the skin.

  • This wax used in Kolkata’s best salon, helps in hair removal without any irritation and any kind of allergy. Glyceryl Rosinate, from which Rica gets its stickiness, is known to be the purest derivative of natural rosin and a non-allergenic. Whereas, colophony the ingredient most commonly used in depilatory products, is a skin irritant.

  •  Rica makes the process lesser painful at best beauty salon in Kolkata. The addition of naturally occurring titanium dioxide results in a creamy and very gentle wax that spreads quickly and easily. Also this ingredient has a soothing effect, which reduces the redness occurring due to proper depilation. Thus ensuring an excellent grip and lesser pain.

  • Another ingredient of this wax is Zinc oxide, which not only gives luminosity to the wax but is also conditioning for the skin, aids healing and is soothing. It is naturally absorbing, helping to achieve a smooth and efficient depilation, which also helps in tan removal.

  • Infused with natural bees wax it is gentle for the skin. Being a cosmetic element this ingredient is rich in mineral salts and proteins, used to protect the skin during depilation. Additionally, bees wax also provides nutrition and moisture.

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