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Manicure helps in the perfect beautification of nails. Experts say that the procedure helps in rejuvenating the health of nail plate. The process helps in removing the cuticles from the nail frontage and thus the nail attains a clean and polished finish. The experts at our beauty clinic in North Kolkata do not feel the need to know about the complete anatomy of the nail. Acquaintance about structure, clarity and color of the nail will inform about the treatment required.

The expert who will conduct the process is required to arrange a seating with the prospective client before going with the process. The main purpose of the seating is to know about any area that causes irritation. It is also intended to have an idea about existence of any damage in the skin. Any existence of rash is also needed to be confirmed. The experts in manicure at our beauty clinic in Kolkata will never apply any treatment on those areas for the inherent risks. The client will also be asked whether the cuticles will be cut off or she will prefer to let them buffed and cleaned.

At the beauty clinic in North Kolkata named SAAJO, safest techniques of manicure is practiced with the best state-of-the-art equipments. We have received a lot of positive comments from our clients who have expressed their satisfaction with the services offered here.