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Holi, the festival of colours and fun is a time when everyone forgets their differences and embrace their relations and friendship. And while we celebrate this occasion whole-heartedly we can’t be forgetting that it might be adversely affecting our skin and hair. So here are a few smart tricks that can help  safeguard both while enjoying.


1) Invest in colours that are skin-friendly. You may buy herbal/organic colours or make them at home.  Here’s how you can make one:

– The base will be that of gram flour/corn flour/rice powder.

-Take any food colour and dilute it in water and mix it with the base. Let the mix dry under the sun or you may put it in the bake at low heat.

-You may use beetroot and marigold flower instead of food colours to get pink and yellow colour. Blend them in grinder and mix with the base. Keep in mind in the mix 2/3 will be powder of flowers or vegetables while 1/3 of the mix will be base. Similarly you may mix heena or neem leaves for green.

2) Massage oil in your hair an hour or a night before to protect your scalp and strands from damage. You can try a nourishing blend like @JhelumLoves Mane Tamer Hair Oil.

3) Avoid keeping your tresses loose, instead tie them in a bun or pony tail.

4) Wear loose full-length dress without any deep cut or plunging necklines.

5) Apply BB Cream or foundation. A moisturising cream or oil with a sunscreen will be best for your face protection. Aesthetician Ruby Biswas recommends, @Jhelum Loves Roseate Face Oil to be used.

6) You can apply a top coat on your nails and for inside of the nail bed, press your nails against a soap bar. This will protect your digits.


1) Avoid using hot water for cleansing your skin and hair, instead try and remove the colours with cold water.

2) Shampoo your hair properly without applying too much of friction.

3) You can go for an oil massage the next day or try a DIY hair mask. Mix apple cider vinegar, one ripe banana mashed, honey and 1 tsp coconut oil. Apply and remove it after 15-20 minutes. Also schedule a hair spa, at North Kolkata’s best beauty salon, 2-3 days after the festival to get your hair back to health.

4) For face first try and remove the colour with cotton pads soaked in coconut oil. Secondly, use a mild face wash like Jhelum Loves Honeytrap Face Wash. Remember not to scrub the skin too much.

5) Apply a good moisturiser or face oil after proper cleansing.

6) You can also try a few face packs later to heal the skin. Aesthetician Ruby Biswas recommends few:

– Apple cider vinegar with papaya pulp, one grated apple and honey.

– Curd, honey and apple cider vinegar.

These need to be kept for 15-20 minutes and rinsed off with water.

7) A facial from one of the best salons in Kolkata after 3-4 days would be better. A lymphatic drainage inclusive facial can detoxify and repair your skin instantly.

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