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The ability to be recognized as best bridal makeup artist in North Kolkata is one of the reasons that make us proud. We make best efforts in helping a girl to have her best look in bridal get-up. The session involves adopting several steps from the pre-bridal stage to placing the flower in hair. Bridal dressing packages have been built up with consideration of suitability for every pocket. The process starts with cleansing of face that commences with splashing of water on the face followed by pat dry. Then the entire face is cleaned with a cleansing cream. Dark circle, if any, are hidden with concealing creams. Primer is added that acts as base of foundation.

Foundation is applied with a waterproof or sweat proof variety. Best option is mousse variety for its ability to allow additional makeup. Next to come in the procedure is blushing that helps in highlighting cheekbones. Deep or light blushes are applied depending on the suitability of color depth. Bengali brides make it a point to decorate forehead. Best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata like Saajo is engaged with this as the procedure requires the touch from a professional.

Best attention is demanded for a perfect make up of eyes. We have solid belief that a bride must look best in her life in this auspicious day and such beautification starts from an appealing eye. Our bridal makeup artists in Kolkata use their best skill in highlighting the eyes. Use of false eyelashes is a common practice while doing so. Eyeshadow shades are applied and blended in order to remove the harsh edges. Eyebrows are filled after removal of strays from the eyebrows. Lips are also taken care of in order to bring out the matched glossy look. Wearing of bridal dress marks an ending to the process.