10 beauty tips for women above 40

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10 beauty tips for women above 40

It may be challenging to find the right blend of cosmetics and skin care tips for women above 40. However, the right combination can do wonders on your skin if you can find it. You will look beautiful and young. The following are ten beauty tips for women above 40:


In your beauty regime, introduce exfoliation of dead skin. According to your skin type and the season, you will need to choose a scrub. You may have to use a cream-based scrub that will not only cleanse but also exfoliate your skin if you have dry skin. You may need to use a gel-based scrub that controls the oil secretion and clean your face if your skin is oily. In a beauty clinic, the beauticians will use those products that will be appropriate for your skin type.

Remember to moisturize

As the oil-producing glands in our skin become less active when we grow older, our skin becomes drier. In order to make the skin soft and supple, use of a light oil-based moisturizer can be effective.

Use a face mask

For hydrating your skin, you can use a good face mask. A proper facial for anti ageing requires a proper face mask to be used.

Take care of your eyes

Some signs of ageing are the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The fine lines and wrinkles can go away while you sleep if you use a good under eye gel or under eye cream.

Use the right makeup

The secret behind looking young and stunning for women above 40 is using the right makeup. The makeup should not be loud and be sober.

Protect yourself from the sun

Apply sunscreen if you have to step out in the sun. There can be irreparable damage to the skin if there is continuous exposure to the sun.

Get rid of the dark spots

Some signs of ageing are acne scars, pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots. These are effectively removed during a beauty treatment for ladies.

Eat properly

Have a balanced meal. A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits should be there in your diet. To flush out the toxins from your body, you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drinks are harmful to you and they should be avoided.

Use a night cream

As part of your beauty regime, use a night cream regularly. Remove all makeup from your face and apply a hydrating night cream before you sleep.

Be happy and stay fit

It is most important to be beautiful from your inner side. Your inner beauty will reflect in your personality. Try to remain fit from inside.