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Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails and is done by professional experts at our beauty clinic in Kolkata by adopting therapeutic process. The process involves foot soaking. It begins with scrubbing of foot with a pumice stone or foot file. The procedures that follow include nail clipping, shaping of nails, massage of foot and calf, moisturizing and nail polishing.

Pedicures done with proper methods enhance the glow of feet. At the same time, nails are trimmed, calluses are kept under control and skin gets moisturized. It involves a foot massage that helps in relieving tension and making an improvement in blood circulation. The process starts with cutting of toenails with clipper. Then these nails are shaped with cushion file. Foot soaking procedures are applied for leaving the feet with a refreshed feeling. Dry skin and calluses are softened with sloughing lotion, foot file, salt scrub or pumice stone. Foot creams is used for conditioning the skin on foot. Feet are then rinsed and pat dry; the process is followed by massaging with foot lotion or massage oil. A cotton swab soaked in polish remover is used to remove traces of oils and lotion before polishing of nails. The experts in pedicure at our beauty clinic in North Kolkata finish the treatment with a base coat. It is then followed by two coats of top coat. The entire polish is allowed to dry.

The team of experts at our best beauty clinic in Kolkata adopts a special procedure in conducting pedicure. Their system includes the entire massaging discussed above. Paraffin wax mask follows the procedures of massaging in bringing out a perfect shape in toenails.