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The styling of hair is one of the primary attributes of beauty statement in us. People make serious consideration on how the hair is set and the positioning of hair while assessing the beauty in a person. Improper setting of hair imparts imperfection in look and perfect positioning is needed in order to bring about a decent look. Due to presence of these factors, we were made to invent innovative solutions for the needs of hair. Various specialists who have mastered in the various functioning of hair styling are there with us. As a result of their continuous effort and endeavor, we are able to provide one of the most rejuvenating hair spa in Shyambazar.Besides, we have contacts with renowned specialists who pay regular visits for demonstrating the latest hair styling in our salon.

The hair treatment that is used in our hair spa in Kolkata is sure to provide top-quality and deep conditioning treatment every time the hair is put into styling. An infusion of Argan Oil and Tourmaline makes it all through in obtaining luster look and healthy hair that can be put to the desired style every time it is used.

The procedure helps in straightening or curling of hair, as is desired. Frizzy hair is hydrated and restored thus. The whole procedure brings out a natural shine to the hair. The Argan steam therapy treatment slightly differs from the traditional ones as the application reduces the risk of damaging and drying out of hair. The treatment that is offered at our hair spa in North Kolkata provides customized treatment as per the need of the client.