4 skin concerns and how to nix them

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4 skin concerns and how to nix them

Your skin doesn’t appear the same as before? Missing your beauty sessions at your favourite salon? A lockdown may stop you from going for facial or hair spa but a skin consultation with an expert can always provide you with tips and tricks to take care of your skin at home.

-Acne-prone: Acne or blemishes is no more a problem related to teenagers. Studies show that 40% to 50% of adults between 20 and 40 years suffer from adult acne. Different types and intensities of acne can be experienced by different people. A skin consultant best in Kolkata can help you identify the reason of acne and its treatment.

– Sensitive And Inflamed Skin: Redness, puffiness, rough skin texture and stinging, are a few common symptoms of sensitive skin. Harsh synthetic components, artificial dyes and fragrances can be a few culprits in your haircare and skincare products that may react with the sensitive skin. An advice from a skin expert can help you to use right products and DIYs to tackle such skin type concerns.

– Matured: Aging skin is something one cannot avoid, but some of us suffer from symptoms prematurely. Dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dull and uneven complexion are a few symptoms that pop up before time. While sun protection and supplying the skin with anti-oxidants can help in slowing down the process, a skin consultation from a pro can make things even better.

– Open And Enlarged Pores: Blame your genes or daily lifestyle for the large pores. And no matter how many products you use to shrink them you can’t close them completely. However, you can exfoliate or follow steps to keep the pores clean while reducing the chances of increasing their size further. Right skin expert will guide you to choose correct skincare arsenal including exfoliators and products, with a few DIYs that suit your skin and help in addressing this concern.

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