A nourishing hair spa session promises to address all your common hair concerns. But when your shortcut to lovely locks is inaccessible then the right hair essentials and DIYs from a hair expert can be of real help. Here we discuss about 4 common hair concerns:



Hair Loss: The most common problem faced by men and women is hair thinning. Hairfall is normal but only when up to 50 to 100 strands per day beyond that is a matter of concern. So the next time you wake up to a pillow full of hair you need to start looking for the reason behind and taking corrective steps to control it. Reasons behind this can be many be it stress, hereditary factors, lifestyle choices, deficiencies, hormonal imbalance or even side-effect of some medication. Hair spa and nourishing head massage every fortnight come for rescue. But during this time of quarantine when a spa session is not possible, a hair expert can help you identify the reason behind and also recommend a few DIYs and head massage with the right products.



Dandruff: Poor diet, lack of nourishment, sluggish metabolism or a scalp infection can lead to dandruff. Those who suffer from it know what a nuisance it can be in one’s day-to-day life.  While several anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments can help in reducing the issue, one needs to know the right set of products and treatments that can combat the pesky flakes and not irritate the scalp further. This is when you need the best hair expert in Kolkata.



Spilt-ends: Do you see a snip session as the only solution to your split-ends? They can be the worst enemies for any girl who is trying to grow her tresses. This problem not just makes the hair weak, stops you from achieving your perfect hair do but also stunts the growth. What’s causing these frayed ends? It can be because of the weather, improper brushing, colouring or chemical treatments, and excessive usage of heat styling tools or simply rubbing your wet hair with towel. While some quick-fix products can take care of them temporarily, a treatment or a home remedy from a hair expert best in Kolkata can address the hair concern.



Frizzy Hair: Has your last colour treatment left you with frizzy and unruly mane? Our tresses are made up of three layers, the outermost producing natural oils, ensuring shiny and healthy hair while protecting the inner layers. Absence of these natural oils makes the tresses frizzy. Adding conditioning as an important step in your haircare regime can leave you with more manageable tresses. However, using a mask made in your kitchen or simple tips and tricks can help you get rid of the frizz. Consult the best hair expert for a lowdown on such tips and tricks.


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