5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Hair Spa Done

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Hair Spa Done

Lustrous, strong and manageable mane is what every individual wants to achieve. Treat your tresses right with a hair spa treatment to revive and rejuvenate your scalp and strands.

Our hair is exposed to several external aggressors like dust, pollution, UV rays, heating and styling appliances,  leaving your crowning glory dull and damaged. A basic hair spa treatment consisting of a nourishing head massage, hot towel/steam treatment, shampoo and hair mask can bring them back to life.

Read on to know what benefits this hair ritual has:

1) Repairs dull and damaged hair:

The steam/hot towel treatment opens up the pores, removing the impurities and dirt. Thus enabling a better and faster absorption of the nutrients by the scalp. And if the roots are weak, hair fall is likely to happen along with dull and damaged hair. This treatment at Kolkata’s best beauty salon helps in strengthening the roots and hair follicles.

2) Hydrates the scalp and strands:

The nourishing treatment restores the natural oils and moisturises the hair and scalp. A properly done hair spa from best hair salon in Kolkata helps in balancing the oil secretion. The problem of greasy hair is taken care of with this treatment.

3) Improves blood circulation:

A nicely done head massage stimulates the circulation system, which further helps nutrients to reach the follicles and scalp to ensure that they stay healthy and hair growth is improved.

4) Relieves stress:

The intense and calming head massage relaxes your mind and senses. It eases the stress off and increases concentration.

5) Makes hair frizz free:

Unmanageable hair is difficult to style and this is where hair spa treatment from North Kolkata’s best beauty salon comes to the rescue. Oiling/head massage reduces roughness and tames the frizzy mane giving it a smooth texture, making it manageable and easy to style.

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