What Are Skin Tags And How To Remove Them?

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What Are Skin Tags And How To Remove Them?

Skin tags are tiny growths, or patches of tissue, that protrude from the skin’s surface and are referred to as “acrochordons”. They could either be of the same colour as your skin or slightly darker. These are usually 1-2 centimeters in length, but may grow to be larger. In normal cases, they are not known to cause any discomfort or pain, but if subjected to severe friction, may be due to a jewellery or clothing item, a blood clot may develop in the area, resulting in pain.

Some Common Areas Where Skin Tags May Develop

• Armpits or Underarms
• Neck area
• Around the eyes and eyelids
• In the groin and surrounding areas
• Beneath the breasts
According to experts at beauty clinics in North Kolkata, some reasons behind the formation of skin tags could be:


With age, our skin is likely to lose its elasticity. This could lead to skin tags.


The skin is at a risk of developing tags if it is subjected to severe friction, or if it constantly rubbed against a piece of jewellery or clothing.


Professionals at the best beauty clinic in Kolkata believe that if any of your family members have a history of skin tags, then you may be at a higher risk of developing them in your lifetime.


It has been observed that people who suffer from obesity usually develop more skin folds than normal cases which results in a greater intensity of friction. This ultimately leads to the formation of skin tags.


Skin tags are known to be a frequent side effect related to pregnancy. This could be because of rapid weight gain and pregnancy hormones.

Experts at beauty clinics in North Kolkata suggest a few tips to deal with skin tags:

Tea Tree Oil:

This oil is believed to have vital antiseptic properties which destroy fungal infections while comforting the skin at the same time. You are required to dip a tiny cotton swab into it and then secure it to the area with the help of a bandage. Remove it after 15 minutes. Repeat this process thrice in a day till the skin tags fall off on its own.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The acid content of apple cider vinegar is known to break down cells which make the tags shrink and fall off gradually.