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Chipped nails and unkept, dry hands is one of the biggest beauty sins. Manicure is the best way to keep them looking healthy, soft and beautiful.

Pretty digits can make or break your look, so here are a few benefits of getting a manicure done at north Kolkata’s best salon.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

The treatment includes a nourishing and healing deep massage of hands, which relaxes the muscles. And it also promotes blood circulation, which improves nutrient supply therefore making the nails stronger and healthier. A nicely done mani also improves mobility of the joints.

Enhances Well Being Of Your Nails

Our day-to-day life exposes our digits to dirt, sun and several other external aggressors, which can result in a lot of nails related problems and leading to infection when left unattended. Manicure is a smart way to get a strong cleaning done, reducing chances of getting any infection and leaving your nails healthy and strong.

Relieves Stress

We all know massage is the best way to relax and restore your nerves. The moment you are comfortable in your salon chair and the pamper session starts. The treatment helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing tension built caused by stress. The massage targets trigger points to relax your hands. This short session at the best salon in Kolkata will help you forget your troubles and do away with a lot of your stress.

Exfoliates Dead Cells

Did you know your nails could have a build-up just like your skin and they need an exfoliation too? A manicure done at the best salon in Kolkata incorporates a careful cleaning and exfoliation of nails and skin. A gentle scrub and a stiff brush will slough off dead cells, all dirt and dead skin cells will be removed during the process, leaving your hands and tips healthy and smooth.

Maintains Healthy Skin

Just like exfoliation moisturisation is also necessary for maintaining healthy and pretty hands. Massaging a conditioning and nourishing oil on nails and hands before finishing the manicure always does the work. It keeps the skin and nails in pink of health and cuticles in place.

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