How to Choose Lipstick to Match Your Outfit

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How to Choose Lipstick to Match Your Outfit

Amidst all the golden beauty rules present out there, there is one particular question that always lurks at the back of our minds – is it possible to match our lipstick to the colour of our outfit? Of course, it is! However, any good beauty clinic in North Kolkata will never recommend you to go for an exact match since it can make you appear too coordinated. It is always better to experiment first and gradually settle at a decision. While it is not possible to come up with a perfect shade for every single outfit, a few options could be as follows:

Blue outfit:

Although blue is a very bright color, it is also moderately soft. Hence, it is better to wear a lipstick that does not contradict too much with the colour of the dress. Also, make sure your lip colour does not scream for attention. Try going for a light pink colour if the outfit is light blue, and a gentle red if it is of a darker blue shade.

Red outfit:

Never commit the mistake of wearing a red lipstick with an outfit of the same colour. Since red is the signature colour of wedding attires, a bridal makeup artist in Kolkata will tell you how a red lipstick with a red outfit draws unnecessary attention. They will always advise you to settle for a peachy or a brownish shade to keep it subtle.

Pink outfit:

In this case, the rules depend on which shade of pink you are wearing. If it’s a hot pink dress, try applying a transparent or a light pink gloss. But if it is a lighter pink outfit, then settle for bold nude.

White colored outfit:

When it comes to a white outfit, lay down all rules! Irrespective of the colour of your lipstick, you will still look classy. Any colour, be it pink, brown or red, will look amazing.

Black outfit:

Certain traditional lip shades like red and plum will look great with any black outfit. If you are willing to add a twist to your look, try going for an orange lip shade.

Green outfit:

Green is known to be a tricky color. All the best beauty clinics in Kolkata will warn you about how a wrong shade of lipstick has the ability to ruin your look completely. It is better to play safe with a peachy shade.