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Durga Puja is a festival which defines every grain of the culture in Bengal. The festival is round the corner and now is the right time to prep up. Here are some pointers to look your best this pujo.


Colouring the mane is the easiest way to change your look and while you take this plunge you need to try out the latest trends going on. Three new hair looks that are available at best salon of north Kolkata are Chocolate Contour, Blond Foilayage and Golden Glow. All three colour looks are introduced by Schwarzkopf Professional, which can not just give your hair and look a refresh but also protect the strands from damage with the Fibre Bond Technology. Getting it done well in advance is what we recommend.


A good facial includes deeply cleansing of pores, moisturising, toning, followed by a nourishing massage that leaves the skin looking younger and healthier. Saajo, one of the best salons in Kolkata has a wide range of facials addressing various skin concerns. Ideally a skin analysis before the facial is recommended.


Manicure and pedicure not just make your hands and heels pretty but  are also therapeutic. Both help in relaxation and when done with the right set of strokes and ingredients they heal as well. Finishing the pedi-mani with a beautiful nail art is the best pampering one can do before the pujo.


Relaxation, revitalising, healthy, hydrated skin and well-being are words that describe a body spa treatment. Before you get involved in the pujo shopping and preparations a pampering and healing body spa session is not a bad idea. At Saajo, best salon in Kolkata, we do it with the right strokes, pressure, ingredients and a healing blend of essential oils.

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