How to Get Rid Of Excessive Facial Hair?

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How to Get Rid Of Excessive Facial Hair?

Although it is not unnatural for women to display a little facial hair and peach-fuzz, most of us find it annoying when we spot excessive hair all over the face. This condition is termed as hirsutism and is caused due to several factors such as stress, polycystic ovary disease, high levels of androgen, hormonal imbalance, inactive lifestyle, obesity and adrenal gland disorders. Experts at Beauty clinics in North Kolkata suggest the following natural remedies to remove facial hair.

Spearmint tea:

Androgen is a type of male hormone which exists in both males and females. The level of this hormone should ideally be low in women. If it goes up, women are likely to develop excessive hair on their faces. The androgen level can be lowered by drinking spearmint tea at least twice a day. This in turn prevents excess facial hair growth. You can consume the tea once in the morning and once at night.

Waxing with Lemon and Sugar:

Take 4 cups sugar, 2 cups lemon juice, and 1 cup honey and melt the mixture over medium heat until everything melts completely. Once it cools down to tolerable level, apply the wax on the face. Allow the wax to set on face and using wax strips, pull the wax off in swift motion, going against the direction of hair growth. This wax should be applied two times a week to considerably reduce the amount of facial hair growth.

Hormone management:

One of the major factors leading to unwanted facial growth in women is stress. Relax and de-stress because stress increases the production of androgen in body which in turn triggers excessive facial hair. Keep calm, meditate, listen to soothing music and you will see a reduction in facial hair gradually.

Lose weight now:

Obesity can change the way your body produces and processes hormones and this can lead to excess hair growth. Try to maintain a healthy weight by cutting down sugar, soda, carbohydrates, fat from your diet.

Replace your regular tea with green tea:

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and it can prevent damage to cells by attacking free radicals and clearing out toxins from your body. A toxin-free body will have hormones in balance and your PCOD will be in check.