The perfect bridal makeup that lasts through the occassion and not melts away, requires a makeup expert who is best in the field. But while you search for the one who gives you an impeccable look there are several salons to explore and there are a few freelancers/professionals which provide at home service. So here are a few points that clear your doubt as to whether to visit the best beauty clinic in Kolkata or opt for at-home service.

1) While ease of your home is always better but the lighting might not be. A professional needs proper lighting so that a perfect base can be aced and different shades of contouring and highlights are blended well. Lighting in a salon is always apt such that even a smallest mismatch in the base can be seen and rectified right there.

2) In your search it is utmost important to check each makeup artist’s work. Just keep in mind that the pictures are of real brides and not some photoshopped models. And if you find some customer/bride reviews they are a bonus.

3) A makeup artist is always comfortable in his/her studio with all the equipment and products to choose from. But when a pro is giving at home service then carrying entire salon/products/equipment is impossible. So if you and your MUA had planned a look which doesn’t look as expected then trying another look and style would require different set of equipment and products which will not be available at home/venue. However, in a salon/studio the expert has everything she/he would need.

4) A bridal makeup takes good 3-4 hours to complete. During this time your MUA would need no distraction to break his/her concentration. At home the continous presence or interruption by relatives can make the artist’s job difficult and also longer than usual.

5) Last but not the least, hair wash and condition the very first step of getting the bride ready can’t be done at home. These are best done at salon.

To sum up while at home bridal makeup service might sound hassle-free and tempting, visiting the best Bridal makeup artist in Kolkata is the best option. Call us at 9007325243 to book an appointment with Kolkata’s renowned makeup artist, Ruby Biswas.