5 Bridal Make-up Secrets Every Bride will Cherish

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5 Bridal Make-up Secrets Every Bride will Cherish

Pitter, patter down came the raindrops; and you almost sang with joy after the welcome relief from the sweltering heat. But the joy can be pretty short-lived, once you fix the date of your wedding. With heaps of work commonly associated with the Great Indian Wedding, you do not deserve to take additional burden of spoiling your make up on your big day. Let us help you with 5 bridal make-up tips which will help you to be at your ravishing best on your wedding day.

Go for the luminous glow

Even the best bridal make-up artist North Kolkata will tell you that you need to shine on a gloomy day. Patchy or clear, your skin deserves the touch of face primer. This will help you to have a smooth skin surface. It also assures that you have an even surface to apply the make-up of your choice.

Make your make-up leak-proof

Washable make-up can be good for the winter brides, but is a complete no no for the monsoon divas. Choose leak-proof make-up: from mascara to foundation, everything needs to be waterproof. You should have a word with your make-up artist about this. Keep a fixing spray handy in case there is a smudge or a runny foundation.

Hide your dark spots

All brides need to look radiant on their big day. And monsoon brides are no exception. Talk to any best bridal artist North Kolkata, and he or she will tell you an oil-free concealer will successfully hide the dark circles and blemishes. Cover them up so that you look bright and beautiful on your wedding day.

Out with too much glitter & shimmer

Yes, it is your wedding day and we completely agree that you deserve to be the epitome of beauty and grace. Be glamorous, but do not go overboard with your make-up, especially with the sparkle and glitter. This will add some extra shine to your face, but will dull your inner glow. Opt for a jet black liner with matte eye make-up. Let your eyes stand out. Highlight one particular feature of your face. You can apply some bronzer, but temper it down with a setting spray.

Change your diet

This may sound incredible, but a healthy diet is the foundation of glowing skin. So, do not forget to add lots of fresh veggies and fruits to your diet. A change in the diet will also change the way you look. Keep your diet fresh and healthy and the make-up will do the rest.

Follow these tips for a monsoon wedding and let us know how they have helped you to look your best on the big day!