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Is your wedding round the corner and you are still busy deciding other intricacies with grooming & skincare gone for a toss? Here are some easy and effective tips to achieve enviable glow that would last you even after your big day.

CTM Routine

Begin with following a CTM routine religiously months before your wedding date. This will keep your skin glowing and problem-free. Make sure you use a cleanser that is mild, suits your skin type and doesn’t strips off natural oils. Choose any toner that helps tighten the pores, maintains pH balance and keeps the skin refreshed. While a moisturiser keeps your skin soft, supple and nourished. All three together prepare your skin as an excellent base for the makeup.

Lustrous Locks

Sprays used for styling the hair during the wedding can be damaging. So in order to keep the tresses healthy and shiny, it is important to treat them with a hair spa, from North Kolkata’s best salon, at regular intervals. And together with it one needs to follow a regular hair care regime. Using a paraben and sulphate-free shampoo and massaging the strands with a nourishing oil 30 minutes before every wash would work.

Healthy diet

A nutritional diet is most important for healthy skin and hair. Lots of protein intake can keep you stay fit and healthy. Also, take foods that are rich in vitamins, and iron like green vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. Avoid junk food as it is full of calories and leave you with problematic skin.

Beautiful Hands

Your hands are as important as your face, so do not neglect them. Go for a manicure at Kolkata’s best salon every fortnight and at home keep them nourished with a conditioning hand cream or apply olive/coconut oil. Protect your cuticles with a good quality cuticle cream or oil. Apply a base coat before you paint the nails and avoid keeping nail paints for more than 5 days.

Happy Feet

Keep your heels happy and crack-free with a simple treatment. Soak them in a mix of lukewarm water and sea salt. Try and do it everyday, if not possible then at least once a week would be good. Apply a foot cream after the soak, and wear socks and sleep.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and toxin-free. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day is good.

Workout And Meditation

Avoid crash diets and start with a mild workout routine 5-6 months prior to the wedding day. Enrol yourself to a North Kolkata’s best health clinic for an effective weight loss regime.

Stress can make your skin dull, cause breakouts and hair fall. Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress. You can start with meditating daily for at least 10-15 minutes in the morning or night.

 Good Sleep

If you don’t want to get those ugly dark circles then a sound sleep is very essential. Have at least 8-10 hours of beauty sleep when you are nearing the D-day.