Best Skincare Advice You Should Follow In Your 30s

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Best Skincare Advice You Should Follow In Your 30s

According to beauty experts in top 10 beauty clinic in Shyambazar, once you enter your thirties, there is a whole new rule book of beauty tips that you must follow if you want to ensure healthy skin. This is because when you reach this age group, the level of hormone, elastin, and collagen decreases, therefore causing your skin to turn thin and sag. The cell turnover also goes down, making your fine lines and wrinkles more visible. The following tips are recommended in order to maintain healthy skin:

  • Cleanse:

    Always remember to wash your face before hitting the bed. It is not at all advisable to go to sleep with a face full off makeup, no matter how good the brand claims to be. This is because make-up can cause your pores to clog, making your skin appear dull. Experts at beauty clinic in North Kolkata recommend using any hydrating cleanser that does not strip healthy oils off the skin.

  • Vitamin C:

    Sun damage and pigmentation start appearing on your skin once you hit the thirties. Add a decent vitamin C serum to your everyday morning routine in order to fight the harsh rays of the sun.

  • Protect:

    Gone are the days when sunscreens were only an option! It is more of a requirement nowadays, and especially at 30s. Look for a sunscreen that will not only protect your skin but hydrate it as well.

  • Treat:

    While you sleep, your skin starts recovering and healing itself. Once we enter 30s, this process is slowed down a bit and hence, it requires a little boost. Alpha hydroxy acids and retinol fulfill this need, making them an essential item in your skincare routine.

  • Hydrate:

    Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine, as stressed by experts at the best beauty clinic in Kolkata. Once we start aging, our skin starts getting drier and less supple. Always make sure to hydrate your skin thoroughly before hitting the bed.

  • Eyes:

    Finally, we come to another important beauty rule, i.e. the eye cream! The skin around our eyes is very delicate and hence it is important to use a good eye cream.


If you make sure to follow a good skin-care routine in your 30s, it will help your skin immensely in the later years of your life!