Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

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Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

There are a number of best beauty treatments for ladies in Shyambazar but unless you choose the right one, it will not only yield undesirable results but also weigh heavily on your pocket. If you are willing to acquire a glowing skin while saving money, this article is what you need to read. The use of natural ingredients for home treatment has been prevailing in India for centuries. These help in keeping away various skin conditions.

1] Lip Exfoliation

Exfoliating the lips regularly can help in removing dead skin cells, and also leads to soft and plump lips. A number of beauty clinics in North Kolkata suggest the lip exfoliating treatment, as it leaves you with moist lips. If you are planning to do it at home, try making a paste with sugar and a little honey and apply it on the lips. Let it exfoliate your lips for some time, before washing it off with cold water. Repeat the process every night.

2] Facials

There are a number of salons offering good facial for radiant skin in north Kolkata. This is also another beauty treatment that can be done at home. Facials are the most popular form of skin treatment meant to cleanse the skin, while getting rid of dead skin cells. Apart from cleansing, they also ensure that you are left with soft and illuminating skin. You may use some basic ingredients available at home or purchase a kit of your choice.

3] Manicures and Pedicures

These are probably the most important treatment to keep your arms and legs clean! We get so busy taking care of our face that we end up neglecting rest of our body. If you are running low on budget, you might want to do this treatment at home. Start by soaking your hands and feet in lukewarm water. Then apply a homemade scrub of your choice to rub off all dead skin cells. Keep massaging for a while. After this, apply a moisturizing cream to your hands and legs to prevent them from drying. Finally apply any nail paint of your choice.

4] Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is one of the common hair treatments that women opt for in a salon. It is very healthy as it nourishes the scalp, and strengthens the hair follicles. This in turn makes the hair stronger and prevents breakage.